You need an Enterprise File Sharing solutionWhen File Transfer Is Integral to Your Business

If cloud storage is what you’re looking for, stop right here and search elsewhere. We’re not the right solution for you. If you’re consistently sending files between remote teams or to clients, then you know that there aren’t many reliable methods for file transfer. From slow transfer speeds to incomplete transfer, the online file-transfer landscape makes shipping a physical hard drive more reliable and trustworthy than sending it over the Internet. We’re here to change that.

Top 10 reasons why eSecureSend should be your large file transfer solution:


Start sending big files in 5 minutes or less.

eSecureSend is hybrid web app and desktop client. You control the file transfer with the web app while the desktop client does the heavy lifting. The desktop client is easy to install and once it’s activated you’ll never have to touch it again. There’s no need for the IT team to open up any special ports. So you really can start sending 20GB files in 5 minutes or less.


With a 100Mbps connection, eSecureSend is lightning fast.

In a side-by-side comparison with a leading enterprise file transfer service, eSecureSend uploaded a 100GB file in less than half the time: 2.5 hours. The competition took 6 hours. If you’re working with tight deadlines, every hour counts. We’ll even estimate how long it will take you to transfer the file and log the final numbers in the web app. If you’ve invested in the speedy bandwidth, eSecureSend will make good use of it.

Of course, lightning-fast speeds are dependent upon available bandwidth, power of the computer and other variables. Give us a call and we'll assess what kinds of speeds you could expect in your situation.


Easily manage incoming file transfers.

When businesses choose their preferred file transfer method, it quickly becomes chaotic. By standardizing file transfers with eSecureSend, you’ll be able to set up groups and choose who pays for the file transfer. That way you can easily set up shared transfer credits for remote coworkers while charging vendors for their file transfers. Streamline your productivity by standardizing how files are transferred.


Track every upload and download.

With a full audit-trail, you’ll be able to track the status of every file transfer and whether the recipient has downloaded the file or not. It is all saved and easily accessible from the web app. You can even export the entire history of file transfers for a group or your entire account.


Pay only for what you use.

Whether you’re sending 20 or 100 gigabytes, you only pay for the size of each file transferred. There’s no baseline fee or monthly contract. So you’re never paying for something that you’re not using. At pennies per GB transferred, this is the fastest drive-by file transfer service that you’ll find.


And if that doesn’t work, we'll develop a pricing structure that does.

We know that file transfer isn’t the same for everyone. A business that is moving hundreds of gigabytes every few days is very different from one that is transferring 10 gigabytes once month. So we’ll work with you to develop a pricing model that works. Send us an email at


Never restart a dropped file transfer again.

If you’ve lost sleep waiting for a file transfer to complete successfully, then you know the pain of having to restart a file transfer from the beginning. With eSecureSend, you can choose to pause and resume file transfer whenever you want. And in case of some unforeseen catastrophic loss of the Internet, we’ve built eSecureSend to automatically resume file transfer once you’re back online. Seriously, no buttons required. You’ll never have to restart a file transfer again!


Protect your files from leaks and hacks with end-to-end encryption.

eSecureSend leverages both AES and ECC encryption. Every file is encrypted before it leaves your computer. It stays encrypted while it’s at rest and in transit. And it’s decrypted only when it’s downloaded on the recipient’s device. Once the transfer is complete, we permanently delete the files from our servers. Your files are yours and yours alone.


We’re always here for you - and your clients.

File transfer doesn’t stop when you hit send. It ends when the recipient opens the file on their computer. That’s why the recipient of your file transfer matters to us just as much as you do. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that all parties involved are getting exactly what they need. The last thing you need is the client blaming you for an incomplete file transfer.


We guarantee delivery of your files.

eSecureSend was built to transfer large files reliably, securely and efficiently. We know it works. And if for some reason it doesn’t, we’ll stop what we’re doing and get your file transfer back on track asap. You can count on us.