eSecureSend is a Google Cloud Platform Partner

eSecureSend is a proud

Google Cloud Platform Partner

When your business depends on Google Cloud,

eSecureSend moves the data quickly and securely.



dedicated team of transfer professionals

With 15 – 30 years of tech industry experience for each member of our development team, we can design, implement and integrate into any workflow or legacy systems.


Proven accelerated FILE transfer solution

In the last month, we’ve moved more than 45 TB of content around the globe. Our client record for a single file-based transfer was 850 GB, encrypted and delivered to the cloud in a day and a half.


end-to-end encryption and security

All digital assets are protected with AES. The keys are hidden with elliptic curve cryptography. Or bring your own keys and we’ll integrate our platform into your systems.

Truly headache-free data migration:

eSecureSend reliably transports data securely and efficiently.



ENVIRONMENT flexibility


api & command-line transfers

There is no need to jump on a website. Integration is supported.

Bandwidth throttling

Manage bandwidth as needed. Or just use it all. Your choice.

Direct developer Support

We’re here to support your workflow and legacy-system integrations.


By multiplying peers, TCP is on par with UDP. Not a believer? Try it out.

naked send

Instead of storing content in our cloud for 30 days, it can destroyed as soon as the transfer is completed.

1-to-1 or 1-to-many

It’s easy to set up different workflows and customize them. 

OEM support & integration

Offering data transfer & migration for your clients? We can help you with that.

hardware appliance

Set up a daily job to transfer to the cloud or on-premise with a hardware installation.

Get started with a 30-day trial.

Move up to 1 TB to see if eSecureSend is the right fit for you. 

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