eSS Improves Communication & Collaboration in Gaming Industry

eSS improves communication & collaboration in Gaming Industry

Gaming companies which needs to handle massive amounts of data that makes up the game like huge graphics files, sound clips, and the game code itself rely on eSS to manage their file transfers. The presence of various game developers is at diverse geographic locations, collaboration & communication is also a challenge. eSS resolves this issue by providing secure, reliable and on time data transfer solution.

Challenges faced by gaming industry

  • Need to move the huge builds of software developed data in various geographic locations smoothly on time thereby allowing the gaming team meet deadlines.
  • Needs to simplify tracking and control at multiple content transfers as the gaming content is highly prone to hacks and leaks.
  • Currently dependent on FTP technology and non-secure or outdated file transfer solutions such as shipping hard drives.
  • Require data collaboration and communication to be handled efficiently managing security of data.

eSecureSend helps to streamline the file transfer process for gaming industry players by following:

  Faster & guaranteed transfer

eSS ensures that the production time is cut down immensely by providing faster and guaranteed file transfer on time to the members of the gaming team. There is no size limit for the transfer process.


Gaming companies are vulnerable to data hacks and content leaks, hence security becomes a primary concern during data transfer. eSS makes sure that the data is fully encrypted and kept secured.

  Control & data management

eSS makes sure that the collaboration and communication between the gaming team is done smoothly by having control on the access of data being transferred. It also allows the owner/admin to get all the details of all the transfers by audit trail feature. One can control and manage the entire transfer process.

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