eSS is a boon to media & broadcast industry

Media and broadcast industry considers eSS as a savvier to solve all their file transfers. File transfers play a crucial role in their day to day workflow. To compete in today’s global media production industry, media firms need user-friendly file transfer solutions that exceed acceleration, security and management expectations. eSS ensures secure distribution of high resolution large video content which require fast transfer for terabytes of data and on time. Challenges faced by media industry:
  • Raw footages and partially enhanced videos may have to cross vast distances to reach post-production teams or studio executives for further editing or review. And methods which they use such as FTP, shipping hard drives is slow, expensive and tedious
  • Media files which needs to be transferred are of huge sizes and need to maintain the originality of the videos captured.
  • The files which needs to be transferred should be kept secured and should not get lost due to the use of traditional methods such as shipping hard drives.
  • As the different team members in media industry needs to collaborate their work, transferring files to different locations is a pain.

eSecureSend helps media companies to rule out all the above mentioned challenges:

  Security- As enormous amount of data needs to be transferred on daily basis in media industry security is the topmost priority. eSS provides end to end encryption so that the data is not leaked or lost during the transfer process. Unfortunately the commonly used methods such as FTP and hard disk offer few security features, are either too slow, atrociously tedious, or ridiculously expensive.
  Lightning fast speed- The data is transferred 20X faster than FTP and helps them to reduce the production cycles. The data is delivered accurately and on time.
  No size & distance limit- eSS allows files of any size to be transferred. Also simplifies international collaboration with faster transfers over largely geographically dispersed areas.
  Comprehensive user management and access control- eSS comes with a central control mechanism that allows owners &admins to monitor users and file movement, as well as audit trail reports for IT departments to maintain the network. The group owners plays an important role and has a complete access to invite new users, disable large file capabilities, change the group type, see the full Audit Trail, change ownership and grant Admin access. The owner also pays for all the transfers within a group.

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