eSS: The Managed File Transfer Solution that Scales

eSecureSend is the managed file transfer solution that helps you manage large volumes of data transfer with bank grade encryption, reliably, securely and provides detailed tracking of files transfers in real time, and can scale to meet the file transfer needs of nearly any type of enterprise. 

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The managed file transfer market size is estimated to grow to USD 1,524.2 Million by 2020, at a CAGR of 10.2% (According to

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Major driving factors of managed file transfer market:

  • Improvement in performance increasing requirement of data security
  • Governance Cost efficiency

In today’s information driven economy, organizations run on data and there is huge data which needs to be transferred on daily basis. Hence they make sure of various technology driven and manual methods to manage the transfer process such as secure or standard email, cloud file share, FTP servers, homegrown scripts etc.

Drawbacks of using these methods?

  • Lack of visibility and control, hence it’s difficult to monitor the transfer process
  • Time consuming process as it involves IT resources to manage.
  • Does not ensure security of data and is prone to leaks and hacks
  • Insufficient resources to handle the process

eSS Managed File Transfers

Simplifies the management of overwhelming number of transfers AND ensures the security of your files.

eSS capabilities as Managed File Transfer Solution


Key step for identifying the process, system and people affecting and being affected by messages, files and transactions.


Supports end to end encryption, authentication and delivery confirmation. Also supports broad range of protocols, hardened security. As a result there are few security and compliance incidents during the transfer.

Reduce cost

Reduces costs, improves IT responsiveness and enables the business to be more responsive to opportunities.

 Monitoring & managing

This enables companies to proactively and reactively track messages, files and transactions as they flow through systems and between people.


Provides the ability to address policies around performance, risk, identity, access and authentication issues.

Reporting & auditing

Allows companies to compile and assemble data related to all aspects of messages, files and transactions specific to user needs. Reports for auditing, compliance and governance to meet corporate security policies and government regulations like HIPAA & PCI.

Handle changes

Facility for the companies to rapidly onboard systems, companies and individuals and to continually manage all factors of changes.


Enable companies to design, test and execute processes associated with file transfer.

What are your returns by using eSS?

  • Organizations of all sizes and from all parts of the world are seeing higher performance as well as return on investment by switching to MFT.
  • eSS MFT solution help to eliminate issues of lost of forgotten files interrupting workflows, increasing organizational productivity.
  • MFT solutions also protect against the high costs of data leakage.

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