The Proven Technology Behind eSecureSend

The Proven Technology Behind eSecureSend

eSS is build using BitTorrent technology which has proven to be the perfect large file sharing solution for enterprises providing fast, secure and reliable service.


Torrent technology was developed in July 2001. It is a protocol that enables fast downloading of large files using minimum Internet bandwidth.


Maximizes speed

Bit Torrent increases Bit Torrent file transfer speed by collecting the pieces of file you want and downloading these pieces simultaneously from users who already have them. This process makes popular and very large files, such as media files, movie torrent to be downloaded much faster than is possible with other protocols.


Distribution of large files

eSS with Bit Torrent technology is designed to distribute large files to multiple different computers, allowing each system to contribute some of its own bandwidth to speed up the process. This makes it useful for any situation where you want to transfer large files as fast as possible in a scalable way.


Bandwidth control-

eSS allows the Internet to be more participatory, enabling users to share their files without paying for massive amounts of bandwidth and contribute their own bandwidth to share other users files.


Legal to use-

BitTorrent itself is perfectly legal to use. Despite its improper use by distributors of copyrighted material, the BitTorrent program itself is both legal and innovative. With an open-source philosophy, BitTorrent will build a legacy of its own while serving as a bridge to the next generation of file-serving software.


Many companies such as Facebook is using bittorrent technology  as they think that it is very good at propagating large files over a large number of different servers.

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