hard drive, ready to box and mail

How does your business send Very Large Files?

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If you have ever struggled to send a massive file to someone online, you need to try eSecureSend, the affordable large file transfer service.

Who Needs eSecureSend?Professionals who Need to Send Big Files


We have found a way to send extremely large files more quickly than the competition. Much faster in fact. An added bonus: it's also extremely secure.


Our file transfer rate is also cheaper. You only have to pay for what you need, and you can buy in bulk to save money. Need to send really gigantic files? Let's talk.


You don't have to open up any special ports, or work with FTP. And it runs in the background so you can get your work done without worrying about it.

With Large File Transfer Speeds that are simply FASTER!

eSS Airlines

It's the Easy and Inexpensive Way to Send Large Files Fast

Pay per Transfer

Other services require you to pay a monthly or annual fee. With eSecureSend, you pay for what you use. It's easy! Pennies per Gigabyte.

Custom Pricing

We have clients that send a LOT of Gigabytes. They each get a custom plan. Do you need a custom plan? Let's talk.

No Expiration

No matter how you buy your Gigabytes, they won't expire. It's not a subscription or membership plan. You only pay for what you need.