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Put the managed  back into Managed File Transfer.

It’s reliable. It’s fast. With end-to-end encryption and hands-on human service, eSecureSend is the only Managed File Transfer solution you’ll need.

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30-day Trial | Transfer Up To 1 TB

Today, you can reclaim the wasted time and money spent managing failed FTP transfers, corrupted drives and lengthy shipping times.


Reduce costs associated with shipping hard drives

eSecureSend is first and foremost about reliability.  It’s a versatile platform that delivers maximum performance in all bandwidth conditions. Go green and stop shipping hard drives with eSecureSend.

Reduce IT resources spent on failed transfers

With eSecureSend, IT will have the power and control they need. Project Managers will have transfer reporting while our hands-on team will take the front lines for managing customer support and client onboarding.

Stop chasing after people and their data

A powerful audit trail and transaction history dashboard is right at your fingertips. Detailed information is easily accessible including who transferred what, and where and when they transferred it.

Eliminate failed and partial transfers

We guarantee that all content moved through the eSecureSend platform is delivered 100% corrupt-free. Whoever needs to be notified will receive an email when the content has finished transferring. No more guessing!

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“I’ve been in the tech industry since the 90’s. The team at eSS has outclassed every vendor that I’ve ever worked with in those 25 years. Whenever we’re sending movies to clients in Korea, Hong Kong, Canada or Germany, I don’t have to worry. I know that eSS will be there to help in any way needed because they’ve been there every time, even at 3AM.”

Joe Kinder

Movie Editor at PHE

With eSecureSend, it is easy and painless to streamline and automate your enterprise workflows.


Drone Data

Get started with eSecureSend and see for yourself how easy it is to get everyone on board.

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30-day Trial  |   1 TB Transfer Credits  |  Workflow consultation


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