MFT Pricing Personalized For Your B2B Needs

eSecureSend (eSS) offers flexible pricing plans based on your needs and budget. From fixed monthly subscription to usage-based pricing, we’ll work with you.

  • Consultation covering transfer workflows, integrations with legacy applications, cloud migration, etc
  • Any content transferred during trial period is stored encrypted in the cloud
  • Transfer up to 1TB to get a feel of what eSS MFT can do for you
  • Hands-on support for you and your clients
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Do you have a need to securely send PDFs, images and smaller files?

When we first started building eSecureSend, we designed it for lawyers and healthcare professionals who needed a secure way to move their files. That service is still available to you free of charge. Send as much as you like with 10GB storage and rest-assured all your content is encrypted and secured.