The Journey

Designed and built by Dmorph Inc, eSecureSend is the best managed file transfer solution on the market because of Dmorph’s core value of giving the customer what they want.



In interviewing Dmorph’s staff, one cohesive theme came shining through: Dmorph is a company established entirely on meeting customer needs. It is because of this that they have the best customers and have created the best managed file transfer service available.

eSecureSend began like any other tech startup: a light bulb moment while sifting through papers at a coffee shop. Did it have to be so difficult to securely send sensitive documents to accountants in India? In 2010, people were talking about HTTPS but no one was talking about securing the sensitive files that were being transferred through it. To be safe, the content itself had to be encrypted. It wasn’t enough to send it via HTTPS.

While the team saw a need and a way to make it happen, CPAs weren’t keen on having their bread and butter shipped overseas. As they would soon find out, everything for a reason.

eSS Journey

  The Request for Large Data Transfer Capabilities

All it took was one customer asking if the technology could be used to ship large data and a spark was lit for what would become the premier MFT service available. As the team reached out to their network to find the right talent, they kept diligently working to make eSecureSend user friendly and cost effective. It took some time, but their hard work paid off and eSS with large file capabilities was launched.

  Customer Service is Key

Dmorph as a team genuinely want to be the best product for their customers. When eSS launched with media companies, it thrived on pure word-of-mouth. Meeting customer needs by adapting to their workflow garners good will and is exactly what’s needed when two companies need to work together to get work done. It’s clear to see what makes this team unique and successful.