eSecureSend – a truly Managed File Transfer solution

Your one-stop MFT solution for reliable transfer and distribution logistics.

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30-day Trial |  100 GB Transfer Credits | Workflow consultation

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The key features that makes eSecureSend the better Managed File Transfer solution.

Unlimited file sizes

unlimited file transfer

Transfer Automation

transfer automation

End-to-End Encryption

end to end encryption

Reliable Transfer

 reliable transfer

Globally Distributed

globally distributed

Software & Hardware

software & hardware

Auditing & Reporting

audit & reporting

Real-time Human Service

rela-time human service

Maximum performance regardless of internet quality and bandwidth speeds.

eSecureSend delivers reliably, no matter what. The transfer job will efficiently utilize available bandwidth. 

eSecureSend file transfer service

150 GB

Pro-res video file

3 Hour upload

with 150 Mbps

5 Day download

with 8 Mbps

Fastest recorded client transfer is 1 Gbps

Give us the bandwidth and we’ll use it. If you need it controlled, there’s a bandwidth throttle function for that too. Check out the transfer rates from our clients below.

Using Available Bandwidthtransfer graph

Throttling Bandwidth at 100Mbps

Throttling bandwidth graph

With channels, your transfer automation is limited only by your imagination

In 5 minutes or less, project managers can create and invite clients via the web without IT involvement. Receivers configure their auto-download computers/servers and the default download locations. Regardless of technical expertise, transfer automation is within reach.

Create Unlimited Channels

Create as many transfer workflows as you need by organizing by project or by client. It can even be augmented with additional services and custom integrations.

flexible configuration, 1-to-1 or 1-to-many
  • Send data to a group of clients
  • Ingest data from multiple vendors
  • Send to cloud and/or on-premise hardware
  • Your transfer workflow here
User-access controls per channel

Grant and revoke user-access on a per channel basis. This gives you the flexibility to create multiple channels without mixing projects or clients.

Automated Notifications to both parties

Both the sender and receiver of the transfer will receive email notifications on completion. A detailed overview of all transfers are listed on the web portal.

Initiate transfers via web portal or command line

With an easy-to-use interface for clients and powerful configurations for your IT team, everyone will be happy.

easily access content again from the cloud

With 30-day cloud storage, it’s easy to retrieve files from the cloud if they were accidentally misplaced later. If you need extra security, we can configure storage based on your needs.


Control your data with detailed audit reports and user-access controls

You’re in full control of your digital assets and data. Every transfer is tracked with the details you need on who, what, when and where. 

standardized workflow gives you global visibility
eSS Filr transfer workflow
Transaction History with status of every transfer sent and received


Enterprise-level partnerships and white-labeled solutions are second-nature to us

With 15+ years of tech industry experience, our expert development team can design, implement and integrate into any workflow or legacy systems.

Streamlining your data distribution workflow has never been easier.

Start transfers in 5 minutes

It’s easy to install the desktop application and get started. There’s no need to reach out to IT to open ports or set up a server.

hand off support to us

Leave support requests to us and we’ll get your clients and partners squared away asap. We’ll even help you onboard them.

personalized automation

Based on your transfer workflows, we’ll guide your team in setting up channels and transfer automation.

it’s easy to try it out today

Transfer up to 100 GB to see if this is the right platform for you and your team.

Get started with eSecureSend and see for yourself how easy it is to get everyone on board.

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30-day Trial |  100 GB Transfer Credits | Workflow consultation

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