Speed of eSecureSend file transfers is limited to bandwidth available

With any online file transfer service, your internet speed is what limits the rate of a file transfer. To determine what speeds you have, run a speed test on SpeedTest.net.

Sending a file is limited to your upload speed and receiving a file is limited to your download speed.

To estimate the amount of time for your file transfer, you’ll need to know the size of the file and the speed of your bandwidth. Once you have those two numbers, plug it into this online calculator. Of course, this is an over-simplification of the whole process but it will you give you the minimum amount of time that it will take.

Keep in mind that there are multiple factors that can also affect your speed:

  • Whether you’re hardwired to the internet via Ethernet or on Wifi
  • Distance from the router if you’re one Wifi
  • Capacity of the Ethernet cord and port
  • Traffic from other users that are on the same internet
  • Capacity of the connections between a mapped drive, the local drive and the internet


We’re happy to talk to you about your setup and anticipate what your transfer speeds might be. Regardless of how fast or slow it might, your file will be transferred. eSS is designed to not let speed stand in its way.