eSecureSend Transferring Big Drone Data

Enterprise Transfers for Drone Fleets’ Photos and Footage

Every drone site visit is a treasure trove of data waiting to turned into insights for agriculture, construction, and engineering. Moving that data from the drone site to the location crunching the data is a growing challenge. Securing digital assets and transferring gigabytes of data reliably is a concern.

With end-to-end encryption, file transfer auto-resume, and unlimited file sizes, eSecureSend (eSS) is the accelerated file transfer service that can overcome any challenge you face.

  • Struggling to find a service that can move gigabytes and terabytes of data?
  • Stressed over meeting client deadlines at the last minute again?
  • Concerned that lousy internet conditions and speeds makes online transfer impossible?
  • Want to save time by automating transfers?

eSS can help you move drone data and footage easily, quickly, and securely.

 Even the least technical person can transfer with eSS.

Any drone operator can easily start transferring within minutes. The eSS Agent takes 5 minutes to install and the website interface is easy to navigate and use. With our hands-on human support team, we’ll never leave you or your clients hanging when they run into a snag. We’re here to make sure time delays are never a problem.


  eSS can transfer drone photos and footage of any size.

No file size limits. Yes, really, no file size limits! By leveraging your available bandwidth eSS is able to transfer your content effectively and as fast as your internet connection will allow. And if for some reason you want to limit it, bandwidth throttling is available.

  Bank-grade encryption of your digital assets.

Protect your proprietary digital assets with AES encryption. No one can see the content without the keys. The keys are also encrypted.

  Reliable file transfer in any linternet condition.

eSecureSend (eSS) delivers without any data corruption guaranteed. Regardless of the number of internet disconnections and outages, eSS will resume once it’s back online. Capture footage from anywhere around the world and you’ll still be able to deliver it reliably with eSS.

Work smarter with your drone data and footage.

See what eSecureSend can do for you.

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