eSS helps to streamline healthcare industry workflow

eSecureSend file transfer solution is helping healthcare organizations in reducing security risks and optimizing file transfer workflow. It keeps data safe while maintaining compliance for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Healthcare providers need to exchange a large amount of data but must comply with heavy government regulations. eSS provides a solution with HIPAA compliance.

Challenges faced by the healthcare industry:

  • Healthcare organizations need to securely transfer/share patient’s healthcare data with organizations outside the patient’s immediate caregivers. They also need to preserve confidentiality.
  • Medical data needs to be kept secured at rest. Thereby protecting it with industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL.
  • Rely on unreliable & tedious methods such as hard drive/CDs shipping, fax, courier services for medical data exchange.
  • Long-term storage for the large volume of clinical data produced by connected devices and EHRs (Electronic health records)
  • Need protection against unforeseen risks such as hardware failures, file corruption, viruses, disasters, accidental deletions, and even theft.  
  • Requires a service which is HIPAA compliant that can boost security.
  • Need a solution which can be seamlessly integrated with the current clinical process.

eSecureSend provides file transferring/sharing service for healthcare with following benefits:

Secure transfers

Securing data is a regulatory necessity. Confidential patient information, sharing data across medical offers, reports, etc. are fully secured with the end to end bank-grade encryption.

Ensures government regulation compliance

Data that is being transferred is HIPAA compliant. This makes data secured from unauthorized access.

Easy to use

eSS helps interoperability between hospitals, pharmacist, clinics, etc. with an easy-to-use solution for secure PHI (Protected Health Information) transfer. No special ports are required which can compromise PCI compliance.

Long-Term storage for disaster recovery

eSS provides long-term cloud storage for all clinical & administrative patient data, thereby allowing healthcare providers to boost the efficiency, performance, and cost-effectiveness of their IT infrastructure. This feature ensures that all of the data is secure and accessible.

Integration facility

Open API which can fit in the current process workflow with ease. Deployment flexibility which can meet your exact needs.

Fast transfer speed & reduce cost

Lightning fast file transfer irrespective of size and distance, ensuring timely treatment to the patient. Reduce the costs associated with administering and managing outdated systems eg. FTP, CD’s, etc.

Robust reporting and audit facility

With the complete audit trail, one can check who has done the transfer, when and from which location. All that data is accessible via the web app. You can also download the entire transfer history for your reference. This helps in identifying the users, recipients, and names transmitted with files and documents. By using audit data strategically it demonstrates comprehensive data security and regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive user management and access control

Makes sure that the transfers have full visibility with comprehensive tracking & auditing features, securing data in transit. eSS comes with a central control mechanism that allows owners & admins to monitor users and file movement, hence the efficiency is maintained. Thereby enabling user management and administrative settings to control your security.

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