eSecureSend is the Managed File Transfer Solution that delivers

 It’s the only transfer-migraine cure that puts reliability with human service

Whether you’re looking for an MFT solution that is secure and reliable or one that integrates into your workflow, we’re here to help you minimize your transfer bottlenecks. With over 20 years of tech industry experience, our team understands that an MFT solution needs to be easy-to-use for even the most technically challenged and yet powerful enough to give IT the flexibility that they need. eSecureSend is more than an MFT solution, we are a technology partner and asset unlike any you’ve seen before. 

eSS is a managed file transfer solution

Here is how eSS solves your transfer problems:

Why transfer-migraines still, exist How eSecureSend delivers
Work done at/between businesses is increasingly digital causing data to grow Reliable transfers for any dataset or file size
Traditional online transfer methods, are not secure and reliable E2E content encryption with faster, smaller & efficient cryptographic keys
Traditional methods require good technical expertise Sophisticated MFT eSS platform supports both weakest link and power user
Online file transfer is notoriously unreliable Reliability is put first before all other features
Complicated Pricing with volume overages & user licenses
Difficult to leave with long-term contracts
Simple & flexible pricing, choose pricing plan as per your requirements
Custom pricing also available
No centralised visibility & control with traditional methods
(Secure/standard email, cloud file share, FTP servers, hard drive shipping etc.)
It’s more than just SaaS platform
Accepts data from a drive, through our online service or hardware appliance Transfers cloud content globally

So what can I do with eSecureSend as my partner?

  • Off-load your transfer-migraines and onboarding users to us
  • Flexibility in setting up software/hardware implementation for multiple sites
  • Easily set up partners and distributors and get them transferred in 20 minutes or less
  • User privacy and access controls
  • Secure file transfer to and from on-premise machines and/or cloud transfers
  • Setup and automate B2B transfers and delivery logistics including scheduling, storage, and tracking
  • Large data migration services
  • Custom integration into your existing solutions and workflows
  • Custom development for industry-specific content delivery requirements
  • Bad internet? Ship us your hard drives and we’ll upload at 1Gbps+ into our cloud or your own
  • Rest assured that your transfers are 100% guaranteed corrupt-free

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