eSS improves the architectural and engineering firms collaboration process

Architectural & engineering firms have hundreds of workers who need to access and collaborate on projects, distribution of enormous files is a cumbersome process. eSS forms a strong foundation for their project success. It allows these firms to receive CAD images or blueprints, 3D laser scanned images at the construction site quickly and securely making sure that the collaboration within the teams is handled smoothly.

architectural engineering & construction industry

Challenges faced by Architectural & engineering firms:

  • Size of digital projects in architectural & engineering companies is huge and hence moving large 3D CAD documents/drawings becomes a painful task.
  • Need to securely manage and transfer documents within the teams so that communication between the teams is streamlined. When several hundred workers need to access from spots all over the globe, latency becomes a serious issue.
  • Need a solution to collaborate and access centralize applications/data across different time zones and geographies
  • The massive requirement for remote & centralized storage capacity from activities such as geological site surveys, engineering drawings
  • Needs to ensure that the files are private with industry-standard encryption
  • Currently dependent on FTP technology and non-secure or outdated file transfer solutions. They currently use email and hard drive shipping which takes long for transferring large files,

eSS Key Features For Architectural & Engineering Firms:

  Faster transfers
eSS has the ability to quickly deliver plans and updated or changed designs, which is essential for a smooth workflow in the AEC industry. Lightning fast file transfer irrespective of file size and distance saves valuable employee time. Also automated file transfer delivery helps employees not to spend time on manually receiving files using FTP. eSS also saves thousands of dollars which would be required in a year to ship hard drives.

Superior security

eSS transfers the data with the end to end AES encryption, thereby making sure that corporate confidential data is always protected. Once the transfer is complete, we permanently delete the files from our servers after the stipulated time. This maintains the secrecy of the file.

No size & distance limit-

eSS allows files of any size to be transferred. Also, simplifies international synchronization & collaboration of teams, with faster transfers over largely geographically dispersed areas.

Integration facility

eSS provides open API’s which can fit in the current process workflow with ease. Provides deployment flexibility which can meet your exact needs thereby saving your time and money.

Tracking system

eSS provide users with tracking system via an audit trail which makes it incredibly helpful and possible to achieve your company goals. Hence, the owners can keep track of who has made the transfers, which location it is being delivered, what time, etc. The advanced management controls and detailed activity logs help them manage and secure organizations data without losing control.

As every architectural and engineering project is unique, eSecureSend a managed file transfer solution is unique and tailored to the environment of our AEC clients.

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