Accelerated File Sharing Solution for Marine Services

The vast amount of data that is generated today, represents the single largest opportunity for organizations. How they share that data, process it and maximize its value is critical to their future success. These also generate some significant challenges. And this challenge is greatest when you are at the sea. In the maritime industry, crew members need to share data continuously from the middle of the ocean to 30,000 feet in the sky. Even in the most unreliable environments, data must be received in a location where it can be easily processed.

As maritime companies increasingly exploit the use of technology on-board, with varied applications, data is becoming widely available. However, these ‘floating offices’, often are globally dispersed, and face inherent restrictions of satellite communications, sharing and taking advantage of that data remains a challenge. Also, yesterday’s technology is slow and unreliable, and it’s not secure.

The crew members are bound to use slower satellite connections at sea for services like email, internet, voice calling, navigation and more. A task that causes many difficulties for crew members on the slow internet connection is when they need to send large files to other ships or at shore locations. Some of the main problems they face include Broken files transfers and extremely slow internet speeds during weather disruptions. In addition, file transfers use up expensive bandwidth, interfering with other services aboard ships like customer internet surfing and other communications sharing the connection.

Recently Navy, Marine Corps were Forced to Send Sensitive Info by Mail After Army’s Popular Sharing System Shuttered. The Army turned off its Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) Safe Access File Exchange system, called SAFE by users, a month ago because of the potential security risk, Kerensa Crum, an AMRDEC spokesperson, told USNI News. The users from all military branches were sent scrambling to figure out ways to securely share large documents containing sensitive but not classified information with colleagues, other government agencies, contractors and retirees, Capt. Vince Augelli, OPNAV N2/N6G Cyber Security Branch Chief, told USNI News last week. Registered mail and courier services have suddenly become in vogue. (Courtesy:

Hence there is a requirement for a secure and reliable file transfer solution. The maritime companies can simplify ship-to-shore data transfer communications by giving crew members an easy way to send files, while their IT team a way to automatically control bandwidth usage in real-time. eSecureSend( can help them in replacing physical data movement to and from the ship with reliable and secured file transfer method. eSS has proven track record of reliable file transfer on slow internet connection like satellite connections.

Optimize file transfers at sea using eSecureSend with following benefits:

  • Unlimited file size transfer
  • Reliable communication with guaranteed delivery of transferred packets
  • Transfer automation
  • System integration
  • Secure with the end to end encryption
  • Globally distributed network

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