Secure File Sharing Online

Secure File Sharing Online

eSecureSend offers secure internet file transfer service that meets industry specific compliance standards along with bank grade encryption.

When thinking of file sharing, security always comes along because, in today’s connected world, the two terms are inseparable. File sharing services have become an easy way for individuals to transfer content over the internet. One needs to share content confidently with secure file storage too.

Data transfers exposes personal data to high risks, here are some listed below:

  • Personal data stored in files uploaded to FTP are unencrypted and are rarely deleted
  • Desktop users may circumvent IT and send personal data over unsecured means such as email or cloud-based file share services
  • Lack of centralized control over permissions exposes user credentials which hackers can exploit to gain control over protected data.
  • Lack of centralized and tamper evident audit logs creates a risk of unauthorized or failed transfers going unnoticed

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes a law in May 25, 2018. Hence organizations needs to comply with its rules as it has set high standards for data protection and applies to any organization that processes, or controls the processing of, the personal data.

One of the GDPR principles which organizations must comply to related to data security

  • It involves ensuring that the personal data is secured against internal and external treats, accidental loss, destruction and damage.

eSecureSend combines the ease of use and  flexibility for both organization and the clients with security, reliability, visibility, monitoring and controlling IT requirements. eSS is the best way to share files securely.

How eSS can help you to comply with GDPR principles:

  Maintain privacy

By encrypting personal data in transit and at rest with 32 bit encryption technique along with robust permission control.


Non-repudiation to validate that personal data is transferred only between authorized senders and receivers.


Flexible system integration to ensure desktop clients are using an IT authorized secure data transfer solution.

  Monitor & Control

Centralized, fine grained access control to safeguard user credentials, permissions and personal data. This is done by using a

“eSS has been a godsend for our company. Having to work with large multiple files from multiple locations has never been easier.” 

  Fran Marquez 

Rodney Moore of Rodnievision, Inc

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