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Tiny to tremendous files, small to huge budget – eSecureSend is your personalized highway for online file transferring. Send what you need to send when you need to send it.

Durham, NC (July 15th, 2015) – Dmorph, a technology startup, announces the launch of their new product eSecureSend. Revolutionizing the market in file transferring, eSecureSend provides everyone with the opportunity to have an on demand (SaaS) file transferring option. eSecureSend is affordable, effective and ready to meet each users budget and needs. Boasting much higher transfer capacity than Dropbox, and the likes. eSecureSend delivers files faster, and with security other companies just can’t match. will help keep you compliant with HIPAA, FINRA, SOX etc. as well as protect your next box office hit. Filmmakers, producers, production houses, law offices, universities, and physicians – will all find the encryption included for every file transferred invaluable. Focus on your craft and career – not how you’ll send your files.

In addition to transferring ‘ridiculously large files’ as the website boasts, eSecureSend has gone above and beyond when thinking about their clients user experience.

eSecureSend CEO, Jami Choudhury – “we’re perfectly positioned to address a very large underserved market. The people who wanted to utilize the technology, but were excluded because of cost, can now join the data transferring revolution.”

Along with accessibility, eSecureSend has found other features to set themselves apart. The service allows users to pause and resume transferring of their data at the click of a button. If a user’s Internet connection is interrupted while transferring a file of any size, the program will automatically resume once the connection is restored. eSecureSend literally works while you sleep, allowing each user to be ahead of the game by the time their day starts.

Without a doubt security and sending ridiculously large files are the headliners for this new company as the CEO and Co-Founder Jami Choudhury highlights here:

“With the users are getting a secured data transfer solution. They don’t have to worry about buying another service to encrypt their cloud data storage. Our product was designed from the ground-up with security in mind. All our transfers and storage meet the strictest encryption protocols. We are also not limited by the file size. Our clients can send a small message as well as files 100 GBs and over – all with ease and security.”

eSecureSend is the perfect file transferring program for a new world. It is as innovative and flexible as the modern business owner and meets the tried and true standards that have become markers in security and ease of use for all online services. eSecureSend is reliable, easy to set up with no integration needed. The service securely sends your most sensitive data, is compliant with industry standards, sends ridiculously large files with full encryption, auto-resume and an audit trail, and is customizable to fit your client-facing brand. Please visit to learn more.

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