Why do you need to stop using FTP?

FTP is an old-fashioned way of performing the file transfer operations which is far less secure and efficient than many more cutting-edge FTP alternatives now in the market. If you are looking for a simple yet secure FTP alternative which provides end to encryption take a look at eSecureSend.

stop using FTP

Reasons why your business needs a secure FTP alternative:

  Highly insecure

FTP is unencrypted and lacks built-in strong authentication and non-repudiation functionality. These may lead to a situation where the messages can be sent and received by unauthorized users. A hacker can use a PORT command to access ports and gain access to data by disguising himself as a middleman.

  No Scalability

FTP does not support high volumes of concurrent file transfers to multiple recipients. With no facility to queue up messages when bandwidth is less, users receive error messages which lead to an increase in support calls.

  Lack of reporting feature

FTP does not provide any status details about the data files sent or received upon transmission of data. The users don’t get to know about disruptions or problems occurring during data transmission. Tracking high volume or multiple file transfers can be daunting with the FTP.

  Loss of data

Network congestion typically causes buffer overflows of immediate routers causing data loss.

  Delayed data transfer

Since the data messages are sent in a sequence there can be delays in the transfer cycles thereby slowing down the transfer process.

  IT Resource Cost

Every organization has multiple FTP servers for its various departments, operating systems, locations, etc… which involves an increase in IT overhead and associated costs. It also hampers governance and compliance by failing to provide centralized visibility and reporting.

  Vulnerable to attacks

FTP can cause attacks during the transfer of data such as bounce attacks, data leaks, username protection, etc.

Why you should go with eSS Managed File Transfer Solution?

eSecureSend MFT solution can address all the issues faced by FTP.

  eSS service facilitates secure file transfer through the Internet by providing a high level of data security.

  Control and monitor the file transfer process in real time.

  Notification once the file transfer is complete via mail.

 Audit trail & transaction history feature helps to report all the transfer activities and user access activities.

 Transfers of all file with integrity checks and with a 256-bit end to end encryption.

  In order to avoid excessive usage of the bandwidth, this feature helps to control the bandwidth usage. Thereby helping users to utilize the allocated bandwidth for the given file transfer.

Speed gain comparison of eSecureSend with FTP

eSS provides a next-generation file transfer strategy that ensures secure and reliable data exchange with automatic encryption, robust authentication, and other protections while also replacing disparate FTP processes with one centrally managed and governed the system. Hence, Try eSecureSend Today!

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