Fastest file transfer

Record Breaking File Transfer

Today, eSecureSend is excited to announce that we’ve surprised even ourselves with a lightning fast, uninterrupted, and secure transfer of an enormous 616GB file at speeds of up to 800MB/s, taking only 2 hours, 16 minutes, and 57 seconds!


When it comes to transferring large files online, there are several factors that determine your upload and download speeds. Even if your office is equipped with a state-of-the-art, fiber optic connection, your client’s business might run on residential wifi. If the file you’re sending is hundreds of GBs like this one, you could be waiting for a while.


But there is one factor you actually have a choice in: how you transfer those files.


FTP, for better or worse, is the industry standard. But since it is built on tech developed in 1971, it’s worse more often than not. With slow speeds and connection interruptions, you have to split up larger files and babysit transfers to ensure anything even went through. FTP is also very vulnerable — as evidenced by the recent ransomeware attack on one of Netflix’s production houses.


Cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive, even their premium versions, will throttle speeds and limit file size — at times down to 20GBs. File transfer services like Aspera or Signiant only provide a discrete chunk of their bandwidth that their customers have to figure out how to divvy up.


eSecureSend is proud to offer a better solution: easy, reliable, and secure transfer built with today’s business in mind. No interruptions, no throttling, no security worries, and no need to split the file.


That same 616GB file took 11 days to upload over residential wifi with a 5MB/s upload speed — not a connection you’d want for a business dealing in large files. But even over connections like this — be it hotel wifi while you’re traveling or the home networks of your clients — eSecureSend’s auto-download and auto-resume functionalities make sure the transfer is safely completed as fast as it can.


You have choice in file transfer service. Connect with eSecureSend today and see how we can simplify and accelerate your file transfer logistics. Don’t spend another second babysitting your FTP!