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Towards a Reliable File Transfer Solution for TV Stations

Modern TV stations need a reliable way to send huge files quickly. High definition footage plus tight deadlines and fast production workflows means there is no time left over to wait for video files to be transferred from one location to another. Online file transfers are currently dominated by FTP. The architecture behind this file transfer methodology is notoriously unreliable and error-prone, especially for massive media files.

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Transfer HUGE encrypted files – Tech Company Announces Launch

Dmorph, a technology startup, announces the launch of their new product eSecureSend. Revolutionizing the market in file transferring, eSecureSend provides everyone with the opportunity to have an on demand (SaaS) file transferring option. eSecureSend is affordable, effective and ready to meet each users budget and needs. Boasting much higher transfer capacity than Dropbox, and the likes. eSecureSend delivers files faster, and with security other companies just can’t match.

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