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Dmorph Inc. announces the launch of its new service “eSS Lite”

DURHAM, NC — Dmorph Inc. has done it again. Today we announce the release of eSS Lite, an exclusive new file transfer service to transmit large files quickly, reliably, and securely. The new service, eSS Lite, represents a new industry best tool for managed file transfer and a new level of service for customers of all types and sizes.

With its ability to quickly, reliably, and securely transfer files of any size, eSS Lite will appeal to anyone who generates large files and datasets, including engineers, designers, scientists, photographers, artists, video producers, marketers, and other creative professionals, as well as the clients and colleagues they work with. eSS Lite addresses the file size limitations plaguing competing products, removing any need to break up large files before transfer. eSS Lite’s proprietary Perpetual Motion feature allows files to keep moving, even if a large file transfer is interrupted — transfers pick right up where they left off, saving customers precious time. All transfers are completely secure, with 256 Bit AES encryption protocol at the foundation of the eSS Lite product.

“We have released this service by keeping business users’ challenges in mind. We want our customers to focus on productivity, not on file transfer. We build all of our products keeping security at their core and then adding industry-leading speed and reliability to the mix. We focus ourselves on continuous product development so we can always provide our customers with the best tools in the industry.” says Mithila S, Dmorph’s Marketing Team Member.

eSS Lite allows customers to easily & quickly transfer files of different sizes. We offer several tiered usage plans based on individual customers’ requirements. All plans include Data Rollover, wherein unused data from one month’s plan allowance will be rolled over to the next billing period. Other features include:

  • Industry Leading Speed. With transfer speeds 20X faster than traditional FTP, our global network of servers provide you with the fastest transfer speeds wherever you are — and wherever your files are going.
  • Highest Security: All Dmorph products, including eSS Lite use end to end encryption for all transfers.
  • Detailed Reporting & Tracking: Our audit trail feature allows users to monitor ongoing file movements and review all transfers, and the interface is intuitive and easy-to-use.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: eSS’s Mission Control is a centralized control panel that enables designated administrators to monitor users and file movement.
  • Foolproof File Transfer: eSS’s Perpetual Motion feature prevents file transfer crashes, resuming transfers from the point of failure, saving our customers countless hours of precious time.

Dmorph is committed to improving the productivity of our customers by redefining the speed, security, and reliability of file transfer and storage. The launch of eSS Lite marks an exciting new tool for all high-volume data producers to manage their file sets with the same industry-leading features and specifications that were previously only available to enterprise-level customers.

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