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Stewart Inc. Chooses eSecureSend For Reliable & Fast Delivery Of Data

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction organizations today require specialized expertise as they are distributed across many locations and have created serious collaboration challenges. Current challenges faced by workers who are present at remote locations include latency issues, document version control, and the ability for a worker to access, edit, and update files from anywhere.The size of digital projects in architectural & engineering companies is huge and hence moving large size CAD 3D drawings becomes a painful task.

Stewart Inc. a design, engineering and planning firm located in Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte, NC uses eSecureSend to deliver gigabytes of data to its clients. They have used eSS to transfer sensitive and large files to their clients making sure that the collaboration within the teams is handled smoothly. eSecureSend our secure file transfer solution helps the AEC industry build a strong foundation for their project success.

eSecureSend was a total game changer for Stewart. We asked one of their Manager Mr.Dustin Manning about the problems which they were experiencing before using eSecureSend for sending files. He said that  “it was difficult to find a cost effective, reliable service to transmit multiple gigabytes of data quickly”. eSecureSend helped them to resolved this problem.


eSecureSend was very easy to install and the process of uploading is effortless and amazingly fast”—–Dustin Manning, Manager Geomatics Technology, Stewart Inc.


eSecureSend provides a professional platform for easy sharing and collaborating on large files.

For us no file is too big and no site is too remote. Our simple SaaS file transfer solution helps to reduce waste of time in shipping hard drives across borders,saves money and delivers real-time access to blueprints, CAD/CAM files and designs for every construction project.


Stewart Inc. feels that eSecureSend is the simplest and most reliable method for transmitting large amounts of data to users or group of users. They say that they can connect to architects, surveyors and designers with engineers and workers on the ground with quick, simple, completely reliable, quick and secure file transfer method.