Why There Is A Need For Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan In Business

An effective & reliable backup & disaster recovery plan is essential to virtually every business today. It has become a crucial part of every company’s IT strategy, and without it, you will face major challenges in case of cyber-attack, human error, or natural disaster etc. which ultimately results to data loss. Hence the amount of money and time invested in a backup and disaster recovery plan helps you to minimize risk while giving you peace of mind. Having this plan in place will ensure you’ve taken all the critical steps to protect your company’s data as a business owner. Security Week reported that the total volume of data loss in the enterprise rose more than 400 percent over the past few years, and IT Web reported that the total cost of data breaches will skyrocket and reach $2.1 trillion by 2019.

What is the backup & disaster recovery plan?

Backup & disaster recovery (BDR) plan combines a set of processes and techniques that work cohesively in order ensure that the company’s data is secure, backed up and can be recovered quickly after a disaster occurs. These incidents are typically: human error, inside threats, natural disasters, cyber-attacks or hardware failure.


Think of your disaster recovery plan as an insurance policy for your data and be rest assured that your business is safe. Here are the top reasons why your backup and disaster recovery plan should be a priority for your business continuity.

  • Clients data needs to be safe

If you are storing your client’s confidential data, you can’t afford to lose it or let it slip into the wrong hands. The backup and disaster recovery plan ensures that all of this information is properly stored and controlled. As a result, you don’t have to worry about damaging your brand reputation if any unforeseeable incident occurs.


  • Human errors

All disasters are not natural, sometimes it can also be human error. We can’t eradicate human error entirely, we can take steps to reduce it and ensure that recovery time is fast. Mistakes are bound to happen and a single poor choice can end up compromising data. That’s why it’s so important for businesses not only to train employees properly but also to invest in backup solutions.


  • Protection from natural disasters

There are plenty of situations which can cause a company to experience downtimes like flood, fire, hurricane or any natural calamity. If you have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place it will help you to protect your data and will make sure that the downtime does not affect your company. It will help your company to jump back into regular operations quickly, and in the process, lose little to no data.


  • System Fails

Even though the new modern IT hardware systems are resilient to failures, no machine is immune to internet connection failure nor any system crashes. It doesn’t matter what technology or how much you spend on it, no solution is flawless. As it will be a costly affair for a company to fix all these failures, having a BDR plan in place will help to reduce these risks. This plan will help you eliminate any capital expenses while ensuring the strictest protection from service interruptions due to IT infrastructure failures.


  • Minimize the cyber attacks impact

The rising rate of cybercrime doubles the need to fortify your business. Criminals these days are expanding their techniques to attack small businesses that they think are susceptible. The overall weak security maintained by several small businesses makes them an easy goal for attacks and probes. A foolproof BDR plan can help you in minimizing the impact of attacks and risks by cybercriminals. It will ensure the organization in data recovery and help in continuity in business.


Ultimately even if we try our best to prepare and prevent the worst from happening, some situations are out of our control. They say that” Precaution is better than cure”, hence the best course of action is to have a BDR plan in place to reduce the impact of a disaster on your business.

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