The changing business of large file transfer- From FTP to SaaS

Businesses these days mainly operate on data like facts, figures, and values. However, the same data becomes a nasty drain clog when its stockpiles. Organizations tend to face significant financial losses if they can’t bring data to the right place at the right time. The flow of data across the Internet is steadily and constantly increasing, with annual global Internet Protocol (IP) traffic predicted to reach 3.3 zettabytes by 2021. As per the Cisco report, the overall IP traffic is expected to grow to 396 EB per month by 2022, up from 122 EB per month in 2017, a CAGR of 26 percent


As most of the organizations need to transfer a huge amount of unstructured data across the borders, they tend to rely on the outdated FTP technology. The FTP method for data transfer solves less than half of the problem. This protocol doesn’t handle beyond 30 connections and its failure rate of 8% is very expensive. Apart from the costs surrounding this protocol, there are reliability, security, auditing and flexibility issues associated with it. Some the reasons why we need to stop using FTP are listed below

The latest technology which is used for data transfer is managed file transfer which is a Software as a Service(SaaS) based platform. This platform enables data security, operational efficiency, governance, and compliance. Our product eSecureSend (eSS) is a managed file transfer solution using a SaaS platform for large data transfers. It is widely used across various industry segments like media, healthcare etc. and others which deal with video production, video marketing, and advertising. With our hands-on onboarding process and the sophisticated platform, eSS is the best solution for meeting any enterprise and B2B data transfer needs.


The SaaS Based platform is a software delivery model, in which the software and its associated data are hosted remotely – in the cloud. SaaS solutions enable user access through a web browser client – promoting collaboration between remote locations, and allowing quick customization. The flexibility and accessibility of SaaS solutions also enable to reduce the cost of IT maintenance and support.


eSecureSend our cloud-based managed file transfer solution using SaaS platform provides scalable, reliable, secure enterprise solutions to power the cloud and deliver value to your customers. It lets you manage a single, security-rich, highly reliable connection between you and your partners. This file transfer solution offers an alternative to more expensive FTP method and other on-premise software while helping in reducing the operational impact on your technology staff. eSS will provide complete end to end encryption of data at transit and at rest. All the PII is encrypted prior to upload. Block cipher is AES, which is the same that is being used by the United  States National Security Agency. It is further encrypted using the elliptical curve for additional security.

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